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A cause we can
all get behind.

As our business grows, so does our responsibility.

A portion of every purchase is donated to wildlife organizations to help protect endangered species.

Current partnership
Rhino Revolution
Hoedspruit, South Africa
Their mission
Protecting rhinos from illegal
poaching (killing) and wildlife trade

For more information, please visit


Rhinos Revolution
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Here's what your purchase supports

Rhino Dehorning

Rhinos are extremely powerful. Poachers will kill rhinos to ensure their safety when removing their horns. Removing the horn discourages poachers from killing a rhino.

Rhino horns grow back so this must be done every two years.

Anti-poaching Units

Highly specialized armed guards and scent dogs patrol areas around the rhinos to protect them from poachers.

This is an expensive process that requires constant attention.

Orphan Rhinos

When a new mother rhino is poached, the orphan rhino must be taken care of to ensure its survival.

In time, these rhinos are released back into the wild to live a normal life.

Green Kids Project

Conservation through education.

Enrichment inside and outside of the classroom. Educating the youth on the conservation efforts required to keep their home safe.

Wild Shots

Engaging conservation in young people through photography.


Solving the burdens of poverty through access to education.

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